What We Do

We change people’s health through a unique approach using medical, nutritional and Physical Therapy. By balancing and returning a person back to their Proper health has many advantages for not only their physical health but also their mental outlook on life. By returning a person back to proper health they are then able to eliminate fluids, toxins and body weight.

We consciously are aware of replenishing the body with the proper nutrition in order to tone the body and give the proper support to the joints from the muscle tissue. We put a focus on good food combinations to allow the digestive system to become more powerful so energy vitamins minerals and amino acids are easily absorbed and distributed through the body.

Having years of experience, we believe that through nutrition, the body has the ability to rebalance itself working with its natural healing ability.

A person may be suffering with constant headaches and this could originate from compression of the spine where the person may have pins and needles and lack of power in the arms or a form of Calcification in and around the shoulder. We also meet so many people with restless legs which can refer back to hard acid-based toxins in the body

As part of the Ki Health Step Approach we put a large emphasis on good quality sleep as this is a key factor of good health. Often poor digestion and congestion in the sinus and bronchial drainage can have such a big influence on the quality of our sleep. Sinus infection is becoming a major problem in our life and is one of the key factors of Sleep Apnea.

When people come to do a KI Health Steps program the emphasis is put on changing their health now but also for longevity, to be healthy and well for the rest of their lives. Our clients are amazed with the positive changes in both their physical and mental health. Our goal is to see that people make this a permanent life style change. Clients often describe the whole process as an education, they become more aware about their food choices and how to keep a positive balance.

What Happens When You Come To Us

  • We take you through the process of checking your cardiovascular Health using a medical device that shows us the function of the heart (condition and resting period), the flexibility of the arteries and the overall circulation.
  • We then map the body through Reflexology. This gives us a clear insight to assess your overall health, checking the function of your organs, glands, hormone balance, lymphatic drainage, digestive system and all other areas of the body to see if they are out of alignment. Reflexology can improve blood circulation in the feet and throughout the body. The mapping allows us to connect the dots and the gives us the information we need about the persons overall health.
  • We take a detailed account of your current diet. This information can be quite transparent, we can see from this if your diet is more acid or alkaline, how much protein, vitamins and minerals you are taking in through your current diet (if any) and what foods are being consumed, like sugars, acid forming foods which in some cases can come from good food but in bad combinations which generally cause poor digestion.
  • Each client will receive a tailor-made plan in a step by step format, the plans are clearly laid out and will consist of options for breakfast lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks that will be more suitable for a period of time to improve and enhance their overall health. If Supplements are needed, the exact form, dosage aand when to take them will be listed. The plan is result orientated and taken in stages so that the client can achieve maximum results. Follow up support is always available for each client. The long-term goal of the clinic is to return our clients to health whilst also providing an education, that way they can continue to be healthy in the future.